Elite Search & Selection finds the right people for your company. Before we embark upon any assignment, we take time to understand your business and what you expect from your sales and marketing team. Only then can we find the person who will embrace the challenge you're offering, and exceed every expectation.

We build strategic, long-term partnerships with our clients. Yes, we can find a candidate within hours, if that's what's required, but more often than not, we look to become a preferred supplier who can be relied on to deliver the best quality personnel each and every time. We will also work with you to help you plan your longer-term resourcing issues, such as assembling a new team or succession planning so you are never left 'in the lurch' should a key member of staff leave.

Our ability to operate nationwide means that you have access to the best candidates from throughout the UK, and we are able to localise advertising for a specific regional role.

Outsourcing your search and selection to Elite Search & Selection saves you time and money. All short listed candidates arrive pre-vetted , well-prepared and knowledgeable about your company, negating the need to place an advertisement in the paper and wade through hundreds of CV's, only to find a candidate very different in the flesh to how they appeared on paper.

We also offer all the guarantees and referencing facilities you need to have every confidence in your newest recruit.

Please call us now on 0870 803 1074 to discuss your opportunity in the strictest of confidence and without obligation, or use our on-line Job Spec Builder.
Welcome to a fresh approach to sales and marketing search and selection