Elite Search & Selection was established due to the specific demand from the SME and non-food FMCG marketplace for sales people and marketing professionals who make an immediate, and lasting, difference to the bottom line. A good salesperson can make your company (and themselves) a lot of money, but a poor salesperson can end up doing exactly the opposite.

No business today can afford to carry excess baggage, even for a short period of time, and that's why we make sure that every single one of our candidates can hit the ground running.

Our consultants have personal access to the best sales people in the UK through our extensive network of contacts and industry information. This elusive breed of super-salespeople don't read the local paper to scout around for a new job. The chances are, they're well-rewarded for what they do, self-motivated unlikely to be actively looking for a career change. Until they hear from us...

Our ethos is to create strategic partnerships with every one of our clients and candidates, to make Elite Search & Selection the easy and automatic choice for building a sales and marketing team which will take your business from strength to strength.
Welcome to a fresh approach to sales and marketing search and selection